Bank Manager Law

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Bank Manager Law

Post by MCKitkat on 2013-12-02, 17:20

Bank Manager Law wrote:
Congress officially recognises the Bank Managers or BM as a method used by the eBelgian government to keep the treasury safe from an elected PTO-CP. The eBelgian government determines the way that the Bank Managers are used.
The BM need to follow swiftly all requests from the CP or his/her representative (like MoF) to transfer BEF/gold. The only legit reason to delay and/or refuse a transfer is if the BM honestly believes that the CP is part of an PTO and the BM immediatly warns the community by opening a topic in 'public congress'.
Addition and removal of BM is determined by the current CP.

Note: Current BM are Jofroi, Olv007, MaryamQ and NLSP
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