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Post by Fhaemita Malodorous on 2013-12-07, 00:15


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Hello eBelgians,

I would like to thank everybody who voted for me, and also the people who voted for my opponent JdlF because voting in elections is important and your vote does matter. It was a close elections and in the end I won by only 11 votes difference. I would like to thank JdlF for being my opponent and for him being good sport while losing this elections. You often see people who lose a Country president elections leave the country but JdlFwrote an article to congratulations me. Like the other CP candidates JdlF have decided to take a position in m cabinet.

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The cabinet is mostly the cabinet I posted in a earlier (campaign) article with the exception of Helviro who was added to the ministry of foreign affairs. If people are interested please let me know by sending me a PM and let me know in what department(s) you're interested and I will see what I can do for you.

Country President: The Valeyard
Country Vice President: Konrad Neumann

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Wonka
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: djole1122
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Helviro

Minister of Defence: Cika Nikola96
Deputy Minister of Defence: BelgiumGeneral
Deputy Minister of Defence: Thrasos1996

Minister of Finance: NLSP
Deputy Minister of Finance: SX80

Minister of Security: MaryamQ
Deputy Minister of Security: Olv007
Deputy Minister of Security: Tensa Zangetsu san

Minister of Education: JdlF
Deputy Minister of Education: Jens Leupe

Advisor: Jofroi

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Eendracht maakt macht / L'union fait la force

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The Valeyard
President of eBelgium

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