I'mma Newby

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I'mma Newby

Post by TsarilGlornwiel on 2013-12-30, 21:31

Hey everyone who is looking...  Very Happy 

My Real name is Gio and I'm pretty new to both the game and forums and stuff and I don't really know how to start of with all of this. I'm not really good at all of this so I took a bit of inspiration from others.

Because I'm new I would like to ask a quick little question --> are there any tips or tutorials for a newby like me on how to play the game and how to become an active member of the forums and all sorts. If someone would like to take me under there wing I would be enternaly thankful, And I will always try to help you out in any way.

So if someone wants to message me ... I speak both English and Dutch , French too but that one is rusty

Signed by : Gio ^^
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Re: I'mma Newby

Post by Fhaemita Malodorous on 2013-12-30, 22:05

Welcome Gio Smile


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Re: I'mma Newby

Post by BNBOY on 2013-12-30, 22:11

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Re: I'mma Newby

Post by NLSP on 2013-12-30, 22:26

Hey TsarilGlornwiel,
welcome on the forum and enjoy your stay here Smile
have fun and feel free to ask any questions you may have Smile

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Re: I'mma Newby

Post by MCKitkat on 2013-12-30, 23:34

Well, hello there.

It seems that the tutorial our government supports is the following one made by our lovely Kravenn Smile

For the rest, you should check out our IRC chat at #eBrussels as most of us hang out there and that's how I got used to the community.

For the forum, you could probably start in the MoFUN section where we have our games and such. From there you can continue to the more boring stuff like debates in the Congress Section and the Supreme Court Razz

btw: I can gladly take you under my wing as I'm still on vacation and it may seem strange but after a while vacation gets boring Very Happy but as soon as school starts again, you kind of miss the vacation Very Happy

As said, if you are interested the best way to find me is via in-game message or on the IRC Smile
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Re: I'mma Newby

Post by tommot on 2013-12-31, 11:21

Well hello there and welcome
By now you may have noticed that your name has a new color.
That color represents the citizen mask which will make it possible for you to see more places and post/write in more places.
You now have access to the citizen programs on this forum.


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Re: I'mma Newby

Post by Beaver on 2013-12-31, 14:50

Welcome on this forum Tsaril!
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Re: I'mma Newby

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