Foreign Governments January 2014

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Foreign Governments January 2014

Post by Fhaemita Malodorous on 2014-01-06, 19:02


Country President: direct x
Prime-Minister: NoOnexRO
MoD: NoOnexRO; vMoD: GringoLBV, Vlad Filimon, The_Form
MOFA: MDreams; vMoFA: UigresBarbu, Elnoor Asteros, CristENT, Chievo.Kevin, Cassyo
Governor: Alexandru Barbarosie
MoE: simcris2210; vMoE: Tinkuta
MoY: Cristinutaa


Country President : Kravenn
vCPs : Lord Farhan (Foreign Affairs) - iAdrastos (Home Affairs)
Ministers of Defence : Sam010 - BrickTamland
Ministers of Foreign Affairs : Bohemond4 - WookieO
Minister of Finances : Count Drakula
Minister of Home Affairs : Sir Rex Fleddington
Minister of Education : Super Llama
Minister of Entertainment : James Scarlet
Cabinet Advisors : Iain Keers - Mittekemuis - Rfeist

Deputy Ministers of Defence : Muhammad Noman and Mr Sherlock Holmes
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs : Dr Kawishiwi
Deputy Minister of Finances : Elvis Trout
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs : Benedict Silvertongue
Deputy Ministers of Education : Mike13o6 & The Equalist
Deputy Minister of Entertainment : Chaznoodles


Countr President:
hat hat

Prime Minister:
Evren Sert

Ministry of Defence:
Esmersehzade (Minister)

Ministry of Foreign Affair:
Purebending (Minister)
Can Touch This

Ministry of Education:
Trmay (Minister)
valide sultan

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Coordination:

Ministry of Economics:


Country President: Dormillones

Vice Country President : Pedro Perales Escalona
Official newspaper El Presidente informa.

Minister of Defense: Xipetotec
vMoDs: Garneo | LeonS.Kennedy | Zanson | Armandocf | Gabbopsycho
Official newspaper Ejército de eMéxico.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Miki Zentella
vMoFAs: Radamanthys de Wyvern | ChaacMol | Chiquitita91 | Quetzalcoatl ls
| Karsten MK | Paqo Hawlucha Yao | Lovekaren


Forum Moderator (7th term)

Democratically Elected Dictator (2 Terms)
President of eBelgium (7 Terms)
Vice President of eBelgium (7 terms)
Chairman of Congress (4 Terms)
Supreme Court Justice (3rd term)
eBelgian Congressman (8 terms)
Former Belgian National Army Commander
Party President Democratic Socialist Party (12 Terms)

(Former) Positions
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