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Government April 2014 Empty Government April 2014

Post by Jofroi on 2014-04-07, 18:30

Ministery of Non Issues: Critically

Country President: Jofroi
Prime Minister: ChristijanXD

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Wonka
MoFA Advisor: MisziPL(added on day 2339/16-04-2014)

Ministry of Defence: e Vladimir
vice Ministry of Defence : Garmr

Ministry of National Security: Zangetsu-Osan

Ministry of Finance: SX80
vice Ministry of Finance: Vincent Pain

vice Minister of Home Affairs dedicated to education: Franckie18

Advisor: MaryamQ
Advisor: The Valeyard

<~MaryamQ> You know HH will save us!

Government April 2014 Images

Full details:

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