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Mentor Program Empty Mentor Program

Post by Franckie18 on 2014-08-30, 09:46

Dear new and older players,

This is the new mentor program of eBelgium !

Rules wrote:
1. Every new player (level 1 to 34) with eBelgian citizenship can ask here his/her mentor.
He's free to join the political party and MU he wants and work for who he wants.
You can request here a mentor :

2. Every experimented player (no level specification) with eBelgian citizenship can candidate here to be a mentor. A mentor can have a maximum of 3 newbies and needs to be very active to help them.
You can candidate here to be mentor :

3. The mentor-organisator (Franckie18) will assign the new players to the mentors who speak easy the self languages then him and he can also have newbies.

4. The mentor-organisator can choice an assistant (actually viridi).

We hope you will apreciate this new program and that he will help the new players to stay allive !

Franckie18, Country President of Belgium
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Mentor Program Empty Re: Mentor Program

Post by Gyantse on 2014-08-30, 13:47

good luck, when i tried it, didnt work, i was looking for new players and send them message, giving them rewards for tasks, but mostly there werent no response

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Mentor Program Empty Re: Mentor Program

Post by ksvounited on 2014-10-10, 09:09

requesting a mentor

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Mentor Program Empty Re: Mentor Program

Post by JdlF on 2014-10-10, 12:52


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Mentor Program Empty Re: Mentor Program

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