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Post by ThomasRED on 2015-01-02, 17:55

Few possible multies spotted recently, 2 of them got banned already...

Both created in the last few days, ranking up to level 20 directly, and with random names...

I don't know why multies lords try to create multies in eBE, the fact that we have a low number of daily new players make it hard for these to not be spotted. But it is not a general problem, there is only one or two there and there I believe.

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Re: Multies

Post by tommot on 2015-01-02, 18:59

Those 2 where reported by several players.
Who these was isn't clear, but i hope he/she will not return.

They where probably created to be used for possible exploitation of the economical aspect of the game.
Politically they would not have a lot of use and military i see any significant purpose for multies.


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Re: Multies

Post by Boklevski on 2015-01-05, 14:42

tommot wrote:Politically they would not have a lot of use and military i see any significant purpose for multies.
Hmm... a few votes can be of huge influence in CP elections (coincidentally today?!) and they can easily tip the balance in PP elections. So I wouldn't exclude political motives too easily...

... although it's probably to get some quick gold from the missions, and when it's a bad multi-lord even from the reference. (Although then you'd be caught pretty fast, I would say...)
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Re: Multies

Post by Fhaemita Malodorous on 2015-01-05, 15:23

Luckely both are perm banned


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Re: Multies

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