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All about battles

Post by Elynea on 2015-01-09, 21:38

Before to read this post don't forget to read the new update Epic battles

Starting Day 1,665 every citizen belongs to a Division due to updates in the Military Module.


Citizens can fight if:

they are level 3 or more;
their health is over 9;
they are in one of participating countries.

The battle is composed of 4 divisions.
Example : a fighter who is lvl 26 is in the division I

A division battle is won by the first country to reach 1800 domination points in 120 minutes. Each division has to do this for a round to end. In addition, winning a division battle adds points towards winning the campaign:

A round ends when all four division battles end. If a division battle reaches 1,800 domination points before 90 minutes and other battles are still running, it waits for the next round to start. Hence all four division battles always start at the same time.

Winning a campaign requires at least 83 total points.
A campaign can last up to 15 battles. 83 points is the most points that can be won in 15 battles, in all four divisions.

The campaign ends when one of the countries reaches 83 points, even if less than 15 battles took place in that campaign.

If with points won by a division, the campaign reaches 83 points, the rest of the divisions will be closed instantly, even if they did not reached to 1800 domination points.


At the end of every battle round, the Battle hero medal is awarded to the citizens that inflicted the highest damage on each side in each of the four division battles. They will gold as follows:

There is only one Campaign hero for each side in the campaign. It is awarded to the citizen who deals the most damage in the campaign regardless of their division.

The Fight button has also been updated. You no longer have to click several times to kill an enemy. One click will deal enough hits for a single kill. Energy consumed depends on how many hits you need to kill the enemy (same principle as before), and the damage, rank points, and experience points are also given accordingly.

You can see a battle here : you have two possibilities

Just click here       ↓↓↓↓↓
Hebergeur d'image

Don't hesitate to up your str. because if you are stronger you can win more medals of Battle hero.
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