Today it's the worst day for me in this game

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Today it's the worst day for me in this game

Post by Elynea on 2015-02-25, 17:08

I can agree admins want a new goal for formers gamers who are bored for this game.

They saw they needed a new challenge. I was watching battles in switzerland, in eUk and seriously, they are destroying the game.

Now all is useless... a group with money and str can take all they want.

Ptoers are useless Very Happy Because now the new ptoers are rich players or strong.

They can do what they want "embargo"....

I will do my job and the president of party till in the end, but sadly they are giving punition to gamers who want to make something with the community.

Sadly but i can't stay with that injustice. Mad
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