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Post by Icurlybear on 2015-11-03, 13:03

To start of my term as IO, we'll go with an irregularity Very Happy

Ekfant asked on irc to get accepted a few days ago, so I took on myself to act as IO even though I wasn't elected yet. I sent him the usual questions and got the following answers:

Ekfant wrote:- want to come back, did have really good time here
- first of the was Gytnse but he is not here any more but I made friendships with others but we were not in contact that any more after i left, I was also MOE in eBelgium so they know me Wink
- I will be still active on military ground as always, maybe also become active some day in politics
- no I dont have anymore
- yes i will have
- i'm done with our CB , always in charge, they just looking after themselfs, like anyone says : Colonel Bruce country = Slovenia
- I dont know .. i like to in charge of MU so if I can get MU in eBE i will change it, if no, i will stay probably with current MU
- Slovenian, English
- Well i'm 22 years old, student, also working as bar man Wink i like to fight, i will fight for eBe, no doubt in that, some times writte new article, help young cirizens if I can ... I'm an nice person Razz

As you can read he used to be part of eBE a while ago. To shorten the procedure I bypassed the custom advisory period so that he could join before the week change and therefore add his damage to eBE's.

I therefore asked Franckie to accept him, which he did.
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[Accepted] Ekfant Empty Re: [Accepted] Ekfant

Post by tommot on 2015-11-03, 16:33

Just don't make a habit out of this or you would not last long as IO.
anyway, this week was one of transition, so this could have been expected.


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[Accepted] Ekfant Empty Re: [Accepted] Ekfant

Post by Cika Nikola96 on 2015-11-03, 20:18

I agree with tommot.
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[Accepted] Ekfant Empty Re: [Accepted] Ekfant

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