[Public politics]Why did I resign

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[Public politics]Why did I resign

Post by aVegan on 2010-07-24, 05:16

Hello everyone.
I would like to explain why I resigned from congress.

I was a former BCP (Belgium Communist Party) member but left it after it was PTOed and became a far-right party.
I joined the only other left party at that time, Res Belgica. While trying out the game I ran for congress and to my surprise I was elected. Much thanks to Res Belgica for that!
Anyway my original plan was always to go back to BCP. With the last PP elections I had to switch parties again and because of this I felt I did not have right to my mandate anymore, as most of my voters where Res Belgica members. As I did not want to warn the person who had taken over the party once I did not share this. I hope everyone understand. And although my changes are slim, I do hope to be re-elected...
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Re: [Public politics]Why did I resign

Post by MaryamQ on 2010-07-24, 06:57

Good luck to you on your re-election bid. It should be noted that you were an unofficial Res Belgica candidate and were told that the party would support official candidates before supporting you. Since you did beat Beli Jesen, who was an official candidate, I suspect that you had fewer votes from RB than you think. In any case, while I do not agree with your decision to resign, I respect that for you it was a moral decision. I hope we will see more of you here.
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