[Public politics]A Vegan for Belgium

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[Public politics]A Vegan for Belgium

Post by aVegan on 2010-12-05, 01:55

Vote wisely!!!!

Vote A Vegan Wink

from A Vegan for Belgium
What do I propose

It's not about the president but about his ministers. Below you can find the minister posts I wish to fill. I do not believe in promising posts before the election. First the voter needs to choose. If you are qualified be prepared to be drafted!

I believe in a more intense contribution of the government in the day to day gameplay. What means that we should have daily competitions, games, etc. for our citizens. And get more of them to the national forums. Community is important!
The gov should also play a more active role in the economy. We need to take care that the BEF stays stable and if some resources are missing (like grain) we should actively try to fill this gap.
What we need is MORE FUN and more NOISE!

* Education - Minister of Education & Culture

Lets get eBelgium in the top most educated countries. Stimulate cultural events, press, forum usage,... Improve the information flow, Teach new players about eRepublik basics, etc.

* Raws - Minister of Raw Industry & State Companies

An active foreign raw policy can only be beneficial to the country. Get the existing once active again and go on with the original plan. Start up other foreign raw companies!
This could work as the extra push needed to get the economy running again.
Although the new GamePlay make the current state companies less useful. At time some industries could be made productive. Currently it wouldn't be a bad idea to re-start up the food companies. A new national grain company wouldn't be a bad idea either.

* Food - Minister of Welfare

The eBelgium gov already has it in its power to really do something about the grain price. We have a foreign grain company that could still produce grain far below 0.1 BEF
This grain company should become fully operational. And we could even start a national state grain company. State food companies should (at least temp) be made operational.
Instead of donating working a week in a state company would make a much bigger difference...

* Economics - Minister of Finances

In the past the value of our BEF has been shown to be very unstable. New problems are on the way. Closely monitoring and foreseeing possible problems is the message!

* Battles - Minister of Defense & International Affairs

Fighting is an important part of the eRepublik experience and we will see to it that you can take part in them.

* Fun - Supreme Minister

The most important part of the whole experience. To have fun! Our Supreme Minister will see to it that our citizens are never bored. Contest will be created. Games started. Strange plots written...

Code of Conduct
Members of Congress and elected Presidents should not violate the trust they have received from their voters. They are always heldbound by the laws of eBelgium and the laws and rules of eRepublik as a game.

On top of those legal restrictions, they should adhere to a number of moral and ethical codes should be adhered.
While signing this code of conduct is voluntary and an act of good will and intention, those who refuse to sign it, cannot be punished. Yet, botheither signing or refusal of signing to sign will/may be made public before each election, in order to allow voters to base their votes on past behaviour.

Elected officials operate within the public domain. Their work for the public good should be transparent and communicated to the larger public on several occasions during the legislation/legislative session (by forum, by newspaper, etc.). Some information, however, is sensitive or non-public by default and law. This sort of information will/must always be held secret, even after the legislation has ended (closed posts on forums, Congress debates, etc.), except by general agreement of the government and Congress.

Elected officials work for the greater, national good. They do not seek election for their personal gain such as medals or gold. In support of the Belgian State, they will donate at least 3 gold won by the treasure map they received upon their election to the Belgian National Bank. Once elected, they agree to serve in Congress or Presidency for the entire remainder of their legislation/legislative term and will not leave their mandate from the moment they have received its benefits.

Elected officials act with knowledge and consideration. They have read, or agree to read the Congress Guide upon election. The Congress Guide can be found in the official Belgium Forum, under Congress, or in the National Library.

Signed by A Vegan

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Re: [Public politics]A Vegan for Belgium

Post by Sammy Tanghe on 2010-12-05, 11:29

campaig booth is one down Wink
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