my future in BAF

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my future in BAF

Post by tecuvo on 2011-12-05, 08:17

hi everyone

First i would like to say i regret that my loan proposal was brought up to a vote by someone else!
i would have given you more voting time, because now only 8 people voted.

When i will receive the money from the loan i will move to eSerbia because they have a 100%/100% bonus.

i will leave HC, as i consider my temporary task (when beta was still mu commander) fullfilled.
i won't candidate myself as captain for the next elections within 10 days, because i don't want to be involved in BAF-politics when i'm Supply Officer. I do this to avoid that a few people (including me if i became Supply Officer and remained HC member) get too much power in BAF/eBe.

As jamster is our new general i think he should become (2nd) commander, because now he can't remove any people (- 1000 strenght) ingame. I will give jamster full access to the org and the money the org has. i didn't use any money of it, because i thought it wouldn't be appropiate to use the money when funding was stopped by congress.

For those who fear i will leave BAF: don't, because i stay cheers

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Re: my future in BAF

Post by shadowukcs on 2011-12-05, 08:31

kk, I'll make jamster 2nd commander, but I don't really see a reason why you shouldn't be active in BAF politics since the power of the supply officer is split now anyway.

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