Private Congress access for out-going CP

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Private Congress access for out-going CP

Post by Jonathan Clay on 2012-03-06, 14:31

As voted here

1. When his term has ended, an outgoing CP of eBelgium will automatically upon his request receive a Congress advisor mask, meaning he will have read/write access in the private Congress area in addition to those rights he would normally have as a citizen, until the next new Congress has been elected.
2. Outgoing CPs who have been successfully impeached or who have renounced their citizenship will be considered an exception, and will not receive the Congress advisor mask.
3. Congress may at any time choose to remove or extend the Congress advisor mask for a particular individual by a 60% majority vote, with at least 2/3 of eligible voters voting.

Passed on 6-3-2012
Jonathan Clay
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