DonMatteo for Country President - primary's presentation

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DonMatteo for Country President - primary's presentation

Post by DonMatteo on 2012-04-30, 09:39

If you don’t want to read long version, scroll down to the chapter which begins: “To sum up...”

Dear eBelgians!

Erepublik is a society. If it is, we may think about activize them, not about recounting each one person on influence he/she can made.
eBelgium is a country where we have few people who are active. In view of citizen packs, we have got about 26 active people every day. I know that richer citizens do not use citizen packs. When you look at “normal” (not PTO’d) Congressional Elections, you will see that we have got between 30 (November, December 2011 and January 2012) and 46 (February 2012) active citizens. Because of Presidental Elections, we have got 120-140 people. What’s the problem? Out of about 600.

Propably you saw this picture before, it is so popular Smile

One of the most important thing is informing society about events (social, war, diplomatic). That’s why we have got organization. It is very nice to see every day’s or every two day’s news. But I think that the priority is not only informing. These texts should have this spirit.

Ministry of Finance

As you can see, we have got common eRepublik Economy now. I think that it is not a good idea, Plato only thinks how to destroy the economy (I remember when 1 Gold = 60 CC).
We have got money. Our money is well-spended with some reserves (when something goes wrong way). We have got a business plan for each month. What will we do with our money?
1. We have got citizen packs - every day about 26 people receive 20 Q6 food and 4 Q6 weapons. It costs 26*(20*2.20 + 4*27.1) = 26*152.4 = 3 962.4 = ~4000 BEF daily. 4000*30 = 120.000 BEF monthly.
2. We have got BNA funding - 150.000 BEF.
3. We have got BTA funding - 20% of monthly income. If we earn 1.500.000 BEF (we earn a bit more), it is 300.000 BEF.
4. Boost your strength - 10 people weekly asks for 1.33 GOLD for Boost Your Strength, so 40 requests monthly*1,33 GOLD = 53.20 GOLD. With offer 1 Gold = 1950 BEF we have got about 105.000 BEF monthly.
5. Reserves - 25% of monthly income, so it is about 375.000 BEF.
6. The rest - 570.000 BEF is for loans, Q4 subsides, war expenses, national lotteries and mutual protection pacts.

Our money is well-spended. I am so proud of our Economy and the keeper - Nohjis.

Ministry of Defence

Since I am here we have got more organized army. I am sure that it is partly my success, but not only mine. Than you, Critically, Fhaemita. But not only project is enough to have a well-organized army. It is better than it was. But my preposition is to make more events which will activize our beautiful army.

1. Monitore Belgian National Army soldiers. How?
As I said eBelgium has got Belgov - because of me and shaql.
Every day each one soldier receives 15 Q6 weapons, with which he/she can make 90 hits:

Potential daily damage of Belgian National Army

2. Organize fighting at the end of minibattle.
As you can see in your own profiles, we can’t make 90 hits one time. 60 is a possible value:

We are quite strong MU, don’t you think?

So if we have got 90 hits daily from supplies, we can do even two organized fighting. It depends on military situation in eWorld and our own time.

Ministry of Defence should have responsible HQ. I have had a good conversation all time I was here with this man. I think that he can take care of military side of eBelgium. I propose BrunoCND as a Minister of Defence.

Of course we will not fight only for eBelgium, because we haven’t got so many battles. But, fortunately, we have got plenty of allies.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We have got plenty of Mutual Protection Pacts, at the moment more with ONE and proONE countries (Poland, Hungary, FYROM, United Kingdom). I am so happy because of having an alliance with United Kingdom. I am sure, that our cooperation with United Kingdom will be very close and peaceful, same as other MPPs. I am so proud of that we are very calm, peaceful nation. I will keep it.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be quick and responsible. Fair play on the International Area makes it easier and quicker to become an ally of many strong and good countries. I would like to see eBelgium as a country which can help in a diplomatic way, for example if there is a conflict in eWorld, our country takes part as a mediator.

Well-known Minister of Foreign Affairs in my government is Djonydjo.

We make our home country. Country is not an area with borders. Country are people: the government, the society... This is our home made by our own hands, as you can see on the picture above.

We have got also new citizens in eBelgium. They need to have a good teacher, who can explain them the rules of eRepublik. Intelligent, open-minded and with huge sense of humour. Please welcome cooke4444 as a Minister of Home Affairs!

Ministry of Immigration

We have got:
1. Citizen applies for a citizenship in game and on a forum in Welcome section.
2. People in eBelgium discuss about accepting him or not, then vote.
3. One of the Congress Members accepts.

I propose:
1. Citizen applies for a citizenship in game and on a forum in Welcome section.
2. eBelgium citizens discuss in Immigration section and ask questions to people who can vouch for an applier (max 72 hours = 3 days).
3. Congress vote (24 hours, 50% needed):
Note: if there are not more than 50% for or against, they debate 24 hours more and vote again. After that, an application is rejected or expired automatically.
4. One of the Congress Members accepts.

This is a project, I will propably publish it in front of Congress in a few days.
I think that it is better, because we can avoid wrong people in our community. I almost argued so much with Procuste when I vouched for my friend Eyette who wanted to become eBelgian.
I don’t want to see irresponsible congressional candidaties on each party’s list in 24th of each month. That’s why we have got this beautiful ministry - Ministry of Immigration. We need to take care of our home country, especially we need to protect it before stupid people who live in eBelgium for a few weeks. I am so proud of Nohjis and MaryamQ who protected our country before them. This month, I welcome Procuste and Cotarius as a Ministries of Immigration, because MaryamQ is so busy now (she is a Security Council and maybe she will be a Chair(wo)man of Congress) and Nohjis took place in Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of United Nations

I am so proud of games which we can join in eBelgium. I don’t want to change anything. I would like to invite SX80 as a Minister of United Nations (MoFUN).

viceCountry President
A person who is able to pour a bucket of cold water on me and say “What the hell are you doing?!” Well-known and trusted - mittekemuis.

I didn’t write under Ministers. I am sure that Ministers will choose their cooperators, because I choose my “employees”, they choose their own.

To sum up:
Country President - DonMatteo

vice Country President - mittekemuis
A keeper of a bucket.

Ministry of Finances - Nohjis
Keep it up!

Ministry of Defence - BrunoCND
Well-organized fighting and founding - these are rather competences of BNA Commanders, I would like to see the results (I stay as a coordinator of Belgov).

Minsitry of Foreign Affairs - Djonydjo
Good opinion on the International Area. Belgium as a friend of eWorld.

Ministry of Home Affairs - cooke4444
Belgium as a school for eRepublik kids. A connection of learning and playing.

Ministry of Immigration - Procuste, Cotarius
Belgium as a home for trusted people.

Ministry of United Nations - SX80
Have fun in eBelgium!

Feel free to ask questions. I will answer for all of them Smile

Res Belgica politician
Candidate for Country President - May 2012

[i]I wrote the same article in a press (here)
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