Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read)

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Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read) Empty Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read)

Post by Nohjis on 2012-05-10, 00:13

Gold loans regarding special offers wrote: wrote:
1. The eBelgian citizen must sign in on the forum in order to make the request.
2. The citizen must be at least level 25 and have forum citizenship for at least 14 days.
Forum citizenship for at least XX days, is defined as being continuously recognised as a citizen, due an appropriate mask, on the national forum for at least the last XX days.
3. People are only eligible for 2 loans and need to prove they used the gold to upgrade their company.
4. Citizens can request maximum 30g and have two months to repay the loan. If they don't, they will be blacklisted for all citizen programs.
5. Loans can only be requested for usage during special offers, where there is in-game an discount on buying or upgrading a company or training ground.
6. President assigns a manager to check the requirements and manage the loans.
7. This plan is for 300 gold of loans and can be extended by congress vote.

How to request a gold loan ?

1. Create a thread to request a subsidy and name it "Gold loan - pseudo"
2. Explain what you're using your loan for (upgrade a company, a training ground,...) and post a screenshot of the current situation
3. Wait for the manager to check your informations
4. Once you will have received your loan, upgrade your training ground and post a screenshot to prove it.
5. Payback your loan following the instructions of the manager within 2 months.

(for help about providing screenshots, read this tutorial : click here)

please sticky this
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Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read) Empty Re: Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read)

Post by Teddy beer eBe on 2012-12-25, 23:21

You Can only received/Buy maximum 10Gold/day.

If u have a donation of 10 G, u cant buy on the market before the next day;
If u buy 10 G on the market, u cant received a donation before the next day;
If u buy 5 G on the market, u can received maximum 5 the same day.
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Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read) Empty Re: Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read)

Post by NLSP on 2014-01-07, 18:05

Most recent (and only relevant) legislation for gold loans is (see ) :

*) Regular Gold Loan Program
eBelgian citizens above level 25 are allowed to request a loan. Loans may only be used to buy or upgrade a building (such as a company, training grounds, energy centre, rocket building or any similar buildings that may be introduced on eRepublik), or to help finance a Training Contract. Energy bars are explicitly forbidden to be bought with a gold loan.
No citizen is allowed to have more then 2 gold loans simultaneously.
Gold loans may only be used with a 'special offer', when a discount is provided, additional benefits are provided, or the building/item is only available during a limited time.
A loan can not be higher than 40 gold.
The loan needs to be repaid within 3 months and must be repaid in gold.
The government will appoint a manager, who will check the use of the loan and manage the program. The manager is allowed to enforce activity requirements and decides the particular procedure for requesting and receiving the loans. The manager is allowed to refuse loans if he considers them 'economically unsound'.

At any given moment, the sum of all active loans to every citizen in this program, should stay under 500 gold

*) Special Gold Loan Program
An active eBelgian citizen in an eBelgian MU may request a special gold loan.
The request needs to be publicly motivated and supported by 5 different persons: the CP, the MoF, the MU commander of the player, and two Members of Congress. If there are not enough Members of Congress to find 5 different persons, it needs no be supported by the CP, the MoF and the MU commander of the player.
Conditions (amount, time to pay back, ...) for these loans will be determined by the CP and MoF.
In case the citizen requesting the loan is CP, MoF, MU Commander or some combination of these, congress needs to vote for the plan.
This program is a privilege and not a right. Participation in this program cannot under any circumstances be assumed as a right. No reason has to be given to refuse a loan.
Loans will not be given if the committee finds possible unreliability of the citizen requesting the loan, a pay back plan that is not feasible, or inefficient use of the funds.
The manager of the 'Regular Gold Loans' is responsible to manage the details of this program.
Gold loans that don't fall under 'Regular Gold Loans' or 'Special Gold Loans' are explicitly forbidden.

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Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read) Empty Re: Gold loans for Special Offers - How to ? (Must read)

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