Embassy of the eUK

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Embassy of the eUK

Post by Viridi on 2012-11-10, 23:07

Obviously you all know me, and by now you probably are aware of our cabinet this month, however here it is again.

Country President - Talon Karrde
Vice Country President - Count Drakula
Prime Minister - Madacaion
Ministers of Foreign Affairs - Thomas765 and Kravenn
Ministers of Defence - jamesw and Boer Charel
Minister of Legislative Affairs - Minecrafting Instead [AKA Appleby]
Minister of Education - Betafoxtrot
Governor of the Bank of England [MoF] - Carlini8
Minister of Health & Director of the NHS - BigAnt

Aside from that, you can also contact us on the our forums, or find us on the IRC @ #eUK or visit our foreign affairs channel @ #eukfa.

As I previously said earlier, my aim is to create closer ties between our countries, just like all ambassadors wish for. Communication is key, and unlike other ambassadors, I will try to be active and involved where I can, rather than simply posting our cabinet and buggering off.

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Re: Embassy of the eUK

Post by Lily Jayne Summers on 2012-11-10, 23:17

Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to PM our MoFA department MCKitKat or Hoso, or myself.

President: Lily Jayne Summers
Vice President: BrunoCND
Minister of Foreign Affairs: MCKitKat
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hoso
Ministers of Defence: BrunoCND & DaJoXTeR
Vice Minister of Defence: BelgiumGeneral
Minister of Finance: SX80
Minister of Education: HePanda
Ministers of Home Affairs: Yannis de Leeuw & Kristof Von
Vice Minister of Home Affairs: Jens Leupe
Minister of Immigration: Kiyonori Dragnier
Government Advisors: Jofroi & Chew-Chew-Shoe

Take care,
Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers
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Re: Embassy of the eUK

Post by Cotarius on 2012-11-11, 07:19

Hello Viridi good to see you.
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Re: Embassy of the eUK

Post by Val3s on 2013-05-07, 09:39

Ohai There \o/

May 2013 - Cabinet of the United Kingdom

President: Ayame Crocodile
- Vice-President (Foreign Affairs): Mittekemuis
- Vice-President (Domestic Affairs): Rory Winterbourne

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Thomas765
- Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs: McAfee01 and Kapten Johnson

Ministers of Defence: Bohemond4 (night) and Mr Woldy (day)
- Deputy Ministers of Defence: Dante643 and ApronChef

Minister of Home Affairs: Cygnus X1
- Deputy Minister of Home Affairs: FightAndProduce

Minister of Education: CheetahCurtis
- Deputy Minister of Education: T White II

Minister of Entertainment: ApronChef

Minister of Health: Jimbobfrey
- Deputy Minister of Health: Alphabethis

Minister of Finance: Butjam

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Re: Embassy of the eUK

Post by Elynea on 2013-05-07, 15:34

ah ! Thanks Val3s for the post Smile
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Re: Embassy of the eUK

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