Citizen Group Update

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Citizen Group Update

Post by NLSP on 2012-11-23, 15:39

Since I got messages from multiple forum-users that the citizengroup wasn't up-to-date, I have manually checked all 469 people that had the citizen mask during the last 7 days.
For everyone, the profile page was checked and the 68 that no longer had eBe citizenship ingame were removed.
Currently the group has 408 members (during the checking, a few people were added to the group). Among these people are still the citizens that are dead and permabanned in eRep.

It is always possible that there still are mistakes and it is highly possible that in a short time period, the group is no longer up-to-date. I would request that the people that notice this, would notify all admins and give them the list with errors you found.

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