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Welcome to the Media section Empty Welcome to the Media section

Post by Yannis on 2013-01-28, 11:09

Hello and welcome to the Media section(formerly Writer's guild).
Here you can, for instance:
- Discuss about media, articles and topics
- Asking for help to create an article if you are new
- Asking the members to verify for language mistakes or asking for translations or recommendations of how making it better
- Share your articles or interesting/creative articles made by others.

An useful tool to share articles is Google Documents. However, be aware of the sharing settings.
It is a more informal group compared to the rest of the forum, no outlined rules because I believe in you as mature players that know how to respect others and their work. Feel free to ask any question and please enjoy your stay, in the hope this section will be useful to you and your future articles. Smile

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Welcome to the Media section Empty Re: Welcome to the Media section

Post by nogex1 on 2016-01-28, 23:41

Very nice initiative, i look forward to using this part of the forum!
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