Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

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Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

Post by Jofroi on 2013-01-29, 20:15

Note: Please submit your reports through the ingame subforum.

There is no use in reinventing the wheel. Therefore this guide for ambassadors is influenced heavily by previous versions of this document. I would like to thank Stilpo for the creation of the original guide. Manong Rizal, Mittekemuis and NickNameFrmRonny each reviewed it to suit the needs of their particular times.

I hope this guide helps you to become an ambassador. Some will say the eAmbassador is one of the most useless titles in eRepublik, yet I tend to disagree. As with so many things in eLife, it is what you make from it.

By being an ambassador you can link two communities, be a liaison for eBelgium and discover a new world.

I wish you good times and good luck!

Rooie Lente

I. What is an eBelgian Ambassador and its functions?

First: An ambassador is a liaison to foreign nations.

An ambassador is the representative of the eBelgian government to foreign nations. An Ambassador is expected to build and maintain eBelgium's relationships with other nations and work for the benefit of the eBelgian government and the eBelgian people.

As ambassador you should think of yourself more as the eBelgium's "PR (wo)man". You are there to grease the wheels for higher-level diplomacy by actively working to generate an atmosphere of mutual respect and awareness between our two countries at both the government and public level. The idea is that pre-existing familiarity, understanding and respect lead to a better chance of cooperation and diplomatic success in the long-term. Moreover, public familiarity also increases the chances that regular citizens in your host country will choose to conduct business in eBelgium.

Second: Ambassadors are also to collect information

As ambassador, you’re also eBelgium’s antenna. By your presence in the foreign country and by both your personal andofficial contacts, you collect information useful to eBelgium. This information could be both general and private. Ambassadors are not technically considered "spies", but they are considered to be a vital link in our intelligence system because of their knowledge. Most things are kept secret, but if something important leaks in the media, please contact your MoFA know immediately.

What info?

Your final mission is to act as a policy advisor to congress and the government with regards to your assigned country or region. If foreign policy toward your country of expertise is being debated, you may be asked to provide background information on the situation and give your opinion. To help you be an effective policy advisor, and also to help you be a more effective ambassador in general, make sure to familiarize yourself with the basic history of eBelgium, the history your assigned country, and all of the major alliances. This does not mean you need to memorize anything complicated. Just know the basic motivations behind any current tensions or friendships.

Where to collect this information?

1. Through the forum and IRC. Most of you might not be familiar with the local language, but by starting a topic on the foreign fora you give the host nation a way to contact you easily. Also, when you log in on IRC (a chatprogram which you could easily run in the background whilest being onto your other pc-related passtimes), it’s useful to enter the IRCchannel of your host nation. It makes it easier for them to contact you and vice versa. You’re off course always free to join the local conversation, and normally you’ll be a welcome guest.

2. Through the local MoFA or statesecretary for ambassadors. You don’t have to bother him every second, but make sure he knows you and know how to contact you. And if it’s a fun person, it’s an extra friend.

3. By following the local media. It’s not necessary to read every article, but mostly those papers are full of usefull information. Try to keep track of the topvoted articles on the interesting subjects (foreign policy) and of the government journals. If necessary, don’t hesitate to use google translate. This might sound quite amateuristic, but it gives an important view whether it contains useful information or not.

II. Requirements

When you start up, we expect you to collect the basic information of your host nation and pass that on through the first post of a new topic in the Private FA Area of the eBelgian forums ( This post should at least contain irc, forum, hints on economy (raw materials e.g.), foreign info (alliances, MPPs, NE), government, congress. Try to update this post as much as possible. Look at it if it was your country’s ID-card It will not only be a useful tool for yourself, but also for your MoFA, our business men, …

All ambassadors are asked to submit a first basic Embassy Report by the end of the first week after CP elections. You put that report in your nations topic, obviously. As the month progresses we expect updates on a regular base as something particularly interesting or relevant occurs. These reports should contain the important happenings on their foreign affairs and could cover interesting events on the field of economics or local politics. Once again, post them in the "Private Foreign Affairs area" of the eBelgium forums so that the ministers, other diplomats and congressmen/women may learn about and discuss it. If it is approved of being not to sensitive you could also publish it in an article. Have a look at the other country topics…there is much to learn there.

It is also highly recommended for ambassadors to be familiar with the eBelgian IRC channel for instant chat. Anybody is welcome in this channel, and you will often find the MoFA and other government ministers here who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
IRC Channel: #eBrussels (
Direct link for new users:

III. Some cardinal rules

During diplomatic exchanges, make sure to keep the following cardinal rules in mind. Breaking any these cardinal rules may be grounds for dismissal. They are quite logical, but keep them always in mind.

1) Always show respect to our host country and NEVER insult them (publicly or privately). The same goes for your comments about eBelgium. If you feel that your government is doing a poor job, keep it to yourself during official diplomatic communications (you can criticize all you want back home).

2) Always follow eBelgium’s Foreign Policy. If we are a member of a certain strategic alliance (CoT, Eden, …), then you will defend such alliance. Your personal preferences do not matter. At that time, you are the voice of the eBelgian Government in your country.

3) Maintain a certain neutrality. From time to time, political debates will occur in your country. Should you choose or be asked to enter, always maintain a certain degree of neutrality. Don’t make enemies or create opponents, for they might be the next government of your country. Assume the role of mediator and bridge builder. Try to see each parties’ viewpoint without necessarily taking sides.

3) Never accept any money or donations of any kind from a member of your host country's government for any reason. If you do receive a donation, you must return it immediately.

4) If your MoFA, CP or supervisor gives you a specific task to do you must complete it. If you are unable to complete it or you know you going to be inactive for more than a few days, please let somebody know beforehand.

IV. You’ve reached the end of this guide. Congratulations!

Contact your incumbent MoFA/StateSecretary if you have any other questions.

PS: Old version (December 2010) can be found here

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Re: Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

Post by Fhaemita Malodorous on 2013-01-29, 21:07

Maybe you should change the topic title to January 2013
It's 2013 and not 2012 Razz


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Re: Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

Post by RooieLente on 2013-01-29, 21:10

You're clearly not a Timelord... Wink
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Re: Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

Post by boer jan on 2013-01-29, 21:55

where he comes from new-year is not past yet
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Re: Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

Post by shadowukcs on 2013-01-29, 22:26

Luckily he's not a number engineer or Mathematical wizzkid

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Re: Ambassadors Guide (January 2012)

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