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Post by JomelFiver on 2013-02-26, 15:20

Hello to all,

I would like to ask how can i become congress member? Did i need to join some specific party or i need to be chosen to be congressman?
Thank you very much for your time to give me answers.
Best regards.

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Re: Party

Post by boer jan on 2013-02-26, 15:29

first you have to join a party of your choice,
once there you have to become candidate for congress on the party page.
once done, it is up to the Party President to accept you on the list.
this chance will be higher the more you do for your party and country.
boer jan
boer jan
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Re: Party

Post by Gyantse on 2013-02-26, 16:21

First five parties are running for seats in congress. But it is better to wait month or two after registration for erep to see if you like erep and get experiance, cause CM is important role and you need to be active.


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Re: Party

Post by Mudduck95 on 2013-02-26, 18:53

Also your chances will be higher that the party president will accept you if you become active here on the forum. And get to know people here and learn about the game.
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Re: Party

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