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Post by Viridi on 2013-04-07, 06:52

I recently typed up an article about eBelgium and comparing us to the rest of the world. If anyone is stuck on how to write an informative article, take a look at what I have done.

Incorporating statistics into colourful graphs makes it a lot more interesting to the reader, as oppoosed to just laying out a huge wall of text.
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Post by tommot on 2013-04-07, 15:47

It is a good article, it's nice to read(and watch). Smile

A good balanced layout makes a huge difference in the attraction of the article.
It is not always the pictures, banners, icons, footers,...etc... that makes it work. These things do help but to much makes it too messy.

Play around with the setting:
* place it more inwards or outwards to set it apart from the line/sentence above.
* Highlight, underline or center tittle's or headers to make clear it's a new part of the article or letter.
* use spaces in between block of no more then 4-5 lines. more then that could loose it's appeal to read it(unless the content is interested enough).

Keep in mind that you need to find a balance: to much of the above suggestions makes it to chaotic and hard to follow. To little of this and people will start to feel bored and start ignoring parts of the article.
Anyhow...this is a tip for everyone.
Your article is a nice example of a good balanced paper. Wink


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