Travel on the lowest price

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Travel on the lowest price

Post by Teddy beer eBe on 2013-05-30, 09:44

Hello soldier,

Sometimes, it's necessary you change of location to fight for a country.
And as you know, traveling cost precious Bef.

When you chose one of those battles were you have to move, Plato suggest you to go in country A or Country B.
But what you maybe didn't know is that it can be cheaper to go in country C,D,E,F...

Who is C & co ? Well they are countries who signed a Mutual Protection Pact (aka MPP) with A or B.

Exemple: You want to fight for China but Plato ask 100 Bef to move.

Let see who has a MPP with China.

For that, you place your mouse on the little i and the list of their allies will appear.

Oh look! Croatia is not so far.

Now, clic on your profile. (Your name)

Next to "Location" you have (Change)

Select Croatia as Country and then clic on the closest region.

Tadaaa! You saved some money.

N.B.: For Resistance war, you must reside in the country that owns the region where resistance war is active.

As you can see, at this moment, i'm not in Belgium.
I stay in Macedonia because the countries whom we sign a MPP have also sign with them.
It's not necessary to comeback to Belgium as long we are not in war.

Have a nice trip soldier and make the proud of your country.

Programme Tvvince
Minister of Defence:
Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe
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Re: Travel on the lowest price

Post by LeonardoVincenzo on 2013-09-18, 23:53

very good, congratulations for this post;)
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