eBe Heroes Day - February 21st

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eBe Heroes Day - February 21st

Post by Stijn Puttemans on 2013-08-31, 12:04

eBe Heroes Day wrote:eBe Heroes Day

In remembrance of those who have made major contributions to eBelgium and are no longer playing the game, we proclaim 21 February to be the annual eBe Heroes Day.  This day shall be celebrated with in-game articles and special events to honor the memory of our fallen heroes.

In addition, the names of our honored eDead shall be inscribed in the eBe Hall of Fame, which shall be created and maintained by the forum administration team in a locked thread jon a special subforum.  

The first names to be listed in the eBe Hall of Fame shall be Aldous "the Meek" Zamiatin and Backwards, whose formerly instituted celebration days shall now be incorporated into the new eBe Heroes Day.  Additional names may be added as deemed appropriate in the following manner:

Any player may nominate a name or names of former eBe citizens to be added to the eBe Hall of Fame.  
Players who are eAlive may not be added.
When a name has been nominated, it may be added by a simple majority vote of Congress after a normal debate.  Motions of cloture may not be utilized for these nominations.

Once added to the Hall of Fame, a name may be removed only if the player resumes play and is no longer eDead.
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