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Post by G.W.Junior on 2014-07-20, 16:55

""One conclusion of what’s stated above is that more workforce will be needed to build the new Houses. We’re going to help with that by doubling the referral Gold bonus.

Any friend that you invite and registers between Day 2,438 and 2,444 will award you with 20% of any Gold he receives from achievements and purchases. The bonus will remain the same for as long as your friend will keep playing.


My conclusion, we need money let's share our referrer with our friends,

You have a girl next door who look you every day and you are scared to talk about your link?
Just go!

She want your referrer !!!!!!!

Double Referral Bonus Danielle-sharp-1_ymdh

Here Danielle, i see she look me, and i know what she want

My link

was hot yesterday but i stay focus on Erep Stuff

And when she told me"

"if you want is here and now"

I run found a bic and i write my referrer on his hand,

and i say

thank you
see you there  Very Happy
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