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update : epic battle

Post by Elynea on 2015-01-16, 13:06

Before to talk about epic battles, it's important to talk about few points :

When a battle becomes an epic battle ?

- A battle becomes epic when a certain amount of damage is dealt

- Epic Battles will be signaled with a special icon in the War (Campaigns) Page and a different background on the battle page

update 13 th january :

So far, as you know, Epic Battles have mainly played a part in Epic Warfare Tournaments.
Starting now, they will potentially play a more important role in the New World!

All changes listed below are effective immediately.

1. Points needed to win a Campaign is raised to 94

¤ - The old value was 83
¤ - If 94 or more Campaign Points is reached by both sides in the same round, the following happens: the results of the Divisions will be processed one at a time, just like now.

If, after a number of Divisions have been processed, one side reaches 94 points before the other, that side wins the Campaign, no matter what the overall result will be (see the Example Section below). Division 1 is processed first, then Division 2 etc.

2. Damage values required for Epic Battles are tweaked for all Divisions

¤ - The old values were from the last Epic Warfare Tournament
¤ - The new values are based on the average amount of damage done in the last 7 days by all soldiers in their Divisions.

The exact formula won’t be disclosed, and the numbers vary based on the activity of Citizens.

3. Epic Battles award the winning side double Campaign Points

For example, Battles in Division 1 usually award 1 Campaign Point. If a Battle turns Epic, 2 Campaign Points are awarded for the winning side. Other Divisions will still have the normal points, assuming their Battles didn’t turn Epic.

4. Double Gold for Battle Hero medals in the Division where the Battle was Epic

Example : If the division I becomes an epic battle, the country who will win this round in this division will have 2 points.

other divisions have normal points except if other divisions become epic too. (first picture)

4. Double Gold for Battle Hero medals in the Division where the Battle was Epic

For example, winning a Battle Hero in an Epic Battle in Division 4 will award you 10 Gold (instead of the normal value of 5 Gold)

5. Double Prestige Points for hits done in an Epic Battle

¤ - Hits done before the Battle turned Epic won’t award double Prestige Points
¤ - Hits done after the Battle turned Epic in your Division will award you double Prestige Points.

6. A Battle will have a status based on the amount of Damage dealt

The status is shown visually on Campaign details, and it can help to determine how close the Battle is to become Epic.

There are 3 possible statuses:

¤ - Cold war (0 - 49,9% of Damage done for the Battle to become Epic)
¤ - Full scale war (50 - 99,9% of Damage done for the Battle to become Epic)
¤ - Epic war (100% - Battle is Epic!)

Example Section

Example 1

Sweden and Pakistan are tied 86-86 and a Battle is ongoing only in Division 4. Due to a high amount of Damage, it turns Epic and, in the end, Sweden wins the Battle. Sweden ends up winning the whole Campaign 96-86, as they got double Campaign Points from Division 4 on the last Battle.

Example 2

Denmark and Norway are tied 92-92 and Divisions 3 and 4 are still fighting. Divisions 1 and 2 were earlier won by Norway. Battles on Division 3 and 4 finish on the same minute; Division 3 is won by Denmark and Division 4 is won by Norway.

The result: Denmark wins the whole Campaign (despite losing the overall points 95-97) because Division 3 is lower than Division 4.
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