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Post by MCKitkat on 2015-03-13, 13:56

Dictatorship Act wrote:1. Democratically Entrusted Dictator (now referred to as DED):

1.1: A DED is chosen on basis of trust. Obtaining the status of DED should not give the player any additional powers to the one he or she may have received.

1.2: A DED is required to respect the roles and their affiliated obligations and abilities described in the Law Book by enacting their decisions in their areas of competency when the DED holds those abilities in the game. This includes, but is not limited to, respecting the abilities of the Country President, Supreme Court Judges, Congress, Congress members and Immigration Officers in their respective areas of competency.

(a) Failure to uphold 1.2 can be met with sanctions by the Supreme Court if the DED is prosecuted by the individual or instance wronged in its abilities or responsibilities as described in the Law Book.

(b) The DED cannot be candidate nor elected as Country President (but is allowed to run as Congress Member)

1.3: The DED must send the gold he earned through medal Dictatorship rewards to a bank manager to add it to the state treasury.

1.4 The DED status is lost as soon as the individual loses the title of Dictator.

2. Appointment and stepping down of a new Democratically Entrusted Dictator:

2.1: The election of a DED is held with a simple majority vote from Congress and the approval of the proposed DED.

2.2: If the Country President considers the case time-sensitive due to a threat of Unlawful Dictatorship, he may appoint a new DED if the approval of 3 parties and the appointed DED is gathered. This measure can only be taken to set up a new Dictatorship, not to replace a Dictator.

(a) Approval of a party is given if one of the first two Congress Members on the party's list in the last Congress Elections gives his/her written approval, with the approval or denial of the first Congress Member on the list overriding the approval or denial of the second.

(b) Only parties having participated in the last Congress Elections can grant an approval.

2.3: If the DED reaches his/her function without having succeeded at a coup beforehand, he or she will have to donate the price of a Coup (currently 200K BEF) to one of the Bank Managers that is not the previous DED nor himself/herself. This will have to be done before the actual transfer of power.

2.4 If a DED is stepping down, the Bank Managers will repay him/her the 200K given or spent before the accession to power as a Dictator if all the following conditions are met:

I. There is no open case against him/her in the Supreme Court nor a Court ruling against the repayment.
II. He or she has appointed a new Dictator as Commander of his/her Military Unit so that the title of Dictator is successfully transmitted.
III. The new Dictator he or she appointed has been elected DED through the procedure 2.1 or 2.2 and has made a donation conform to what 2.3 stipulates.

3. Unlawful Dictator:

3.1: A Dictator is considered unlawful and illegitimate if at least one of those conditions are fulfilled:

I. The Dictator had a foreign eNationality prior to becoming Dictator of the country.
II. The Dictator is not elected according to the lawful process described in section 2.
III. The Dictator does not step down within a week after a new DED has been appointed and a third Bank Manager has sent notice that he received the donation of the newly elected DED in due form.

3.2: An unlawful Dictator, as well as the previous Dictator that appointed him/her if this is the case, may be prosecuted before the Supreme Court if 30 days passed after his/her accession to power.
DED list:

1* Jofroi - March 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t10844-appointment-of-jofroi-as-ded
2* Olv007 - April 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t10883-appointment-of-olv007-as-ded
3* ThomasRed - May 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t10913-appointment-of-thomasred-as-ded
4* Alexandross - June 2015(overtrown after a few days) - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t10941-appointment-ded-june-july-2015
5* Alexandross July 2015(reinstated) - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t10968-appointment-of-ded-june-july-2015
6* Fhaemita Malodorous - August 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t11013-appointment-of-ded-august-september
7* Fhaemita Malodorous - September 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t11029-appointment-of-ded-september-october
8* Franckie18 - October 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t11042-appointment-of-ded-october-november
9* Franckie18 - November 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t11061-appointment-of-ded-november-december
10* Rhual - January 2015 - http://www.erepbelgium.com/t11094-ded-jan-feb-2016-2-attempt (full term completed, pending succession stayed in office until 7 February 2016 due to liberation war)

Vote passed on the 13th of March 2015: http://www.erepbelgium.com/t10843-dictatorship-act

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