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Post by Sammy Tanghe on 2011-01-03, 18:19


[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Elections2011blue

Sincere People of Belgium,

Today I will present you my goals for what I'd call a general Home Affairs. One of them is one of my principal primary goals: National Security. This goal will have two ministers working on it, the MoNS (National Security) and the MoI (Immigration). Further I also will tell you about the way I see our economy and the work to come for the ministers of Entertainment, Education and Justice.

National Security

[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Dpan2478l
Immigration, you don't need criminal records

0) Strict Immigration
0) No Multi Tolerance
0) Coordinate Party President and Congress Elections

Our national security has been heavily contested last elections. The Belgian Party Confederation United Congress, although it has had some issues during the day, has in the end done a good job at holding out several PTO multis. However, the threat remains. The hunt for multis continue and immigration will remain active to keep our borders open to people who love Belgium and closed to those that intend mischief or just a shine medal and 4.26 gold.
Next Party President Elections and Congress Elections it is in eBelgium’s interest to coordinate everything again. This time however, with me as President, the government would like, with permission of the parties involved, to play a more active role. A central organ which was active during the entire election day was lacking last month, and the government, as representative for our entire population, could fill in this gap. During party elections we must keep a group of ATO voters at the ready to help in parties where outsiders attempt to take it over, while during congress elections we’d like to have a better coordinated ATO effort in order to keep as many PTO’ers out as possible.


[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Belgium_econ_1968
Chart needs to be updated with Walloon Iron production

0) Keep our Economy Focused on Iron Export
0) Keeping the BEF Stable
0) Organise for Moving Ticket State Company

Our economy has taken a swift step forwards during the Polish crisis. The home food industry has enjoyed the swift gain in more companies and competition: at this moment we can't fit all food companies on one page in the marketplace!. Prices might have soard during the invasion, but they are now stabilizing, food surplus is being build up and soon enough we can have normal bread prices. The Grain prices are also stabilizing (it went from 0.15 to 0.13 recently) and Belgian wages are slowly but certainly raising.
We still rely a lot on import. In order to get a (more) positive trade balance, we need to keep focusing on our Iron export. Belgium can become a reliable iron exporter to countries who need a constant supply of Iron to feed their weapon industry. A country like Romania or Turkey needs a constant influx of foreign produced Iron, and even countries with their own iron regions would enjoy the iron from the iron mines from Liège and Charleroi. This will also help to stabilize our BEF, as their will be a demand for BEF from people managing Belgian Iron companies.
Now, we can’t produce everything here. Belgium simply lacks the manpower for that. One such an industry is Moving Tickets, an industry with low profit these days, so barely anyone invests in it. This is however tricky: Moving Tickets will be an industry that will soon be changed into something new. However, at the moment, the Belgian market barely has any MT’s available. So my plan is to open in a foreign country a state Moving Ticket company, which will export MT’s to Belgium and will be able to supply Belgium with the new products that admins invent soon. Some may call this an interference with the Belgian market and with my liberal ideas, but I’m a realist: we need a supplier of moving tickets, and quite soon preferably. This option is something I will still fully explore to see its potential, but I’m confident about it.

Other Home Affairs

[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Pn_education%5B1%5D
A soon to be happy lawyer

0) Continue the Constitutional and Jurisdictional Changes
0) Restarting the Mentorship Program
0) Keep Bringing Fun to our Community

There are enough things in Belgium to take care off. As president I’d like to continue supporting these projects. One that lies close to my heart is the constitutional and jurisdictional progress that we’ve made during the last month. It is in our advantage to continue these changes. Our constitution needs to be able to answer to the new problems of these times, while our jurisdiction can finally be a full worthy 3th power, instead of the in between it has been in past year.
The mentorship program is one that has been silent the last month, but it needs to be active again. Every Belgian is wanted, every Belgian is needed. Mentor’s have shown to be the most ideal way to support our young population. We need to guide them, not only to stay in Belgium, but also to come to our forum and to join our community.
That community can use his daily portion of fun too. Many may look down upon this part of the game, but it is important to keep this part alive. Nothing can help a man more in the middle of a dramadiscussion about the most serious of disputes then a good laugh to continue the discussion a bit more relaxed. Plus, it would give Theneka a good way to keep on spamming again, and who wouldn’t like that? Also IRC should have some ways to entertaining people, and I challenge my minister of Entertainment to attract people to IRC by all the fun one can imagine.

[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Poederblauw-i-want-you-for-my-team-baby-body_design
Requirements: see below

At last, I'd like to ask more people who are wishing to become official government translators. My cabinet gets filled in, but I still need people who'd like to toy around with dutch and french grammar and bring our country's news in the tongues of all it's inhabitants. Translators capable of French and Dutch, report yourself!

Tomorrow will come three more goals for this term: Foreign Affairs, Military and Transparency & Communication. Stay tuned for it, and the 5th, vote Sammy Tanghe for the first president of 2011!

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Sammy Tanghe
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Post by Theneka on 2011-01-03, 19:28

Translation? BOEEEHHH!!
Good luck Smile
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Post by Sammy Tanghe on 2011-01-04, 16:32


[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Elections2011final

Sincere citizens of Belgium,

Tomorrow, (or perhaps now if you just started reading now), the presidential election will be fully operational. As promised, I will now give you my program for foreign affairs and military. Also transparency and communication will be talked about.

Foreign Affairs

[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Kscn1277l
I wouldn't have called Sauron, the leader of the Ringwraiths is far more fun to negotiate with

0) Keeping Belgium Independent and Whole
0) Good Relationships with all our Neighbours
0) Keeping an eye on the New Alliances

Let’s start with some history lessons. Back in January 2010, when Belgium became independent from Spanish/Polish rule, we quickly become a hotly contested country in PTO and ATO terms. For one part this was due to our open citizenship, for the other part because back then we were of huge strategic value to both PHOENIX and EDEN, with us bordering French and German lands occupied by EDEN aligned Poland and Spain, the free PHOENIX countries the Netherlands and United Kingdom and parts of liberated France and Germany, an ex-PEACE member and a PHOENIX founder. In the months afterwards, France and Germany got liberated and our importance on the map got diminished. A strict neutral stance made it possible for us to survive in the grand EDEN-PHOENIX conflict
Now however, the map is changed in two ways. First, Poland has come back to our borders and has shown not to hesitate when they need our regions. Secondly, the old alliances are dead, long live the new ones! The international political climate of tomorrow will challenge us all, and more so due to the new changes in economy. Every region now is valuable, and countries no longer attempt to switch themselves throughout half of Asia to get a far and distant colony, but now they take what they need close to home.
This will be the biggest challenge for me and my future MoFA team (yes, I've got a team for it!). We need to show our neighbours where our allegiance lies. We need to redefine our self into this chasm of everyday changing politics. And this month is a crucial one, it will determine the face of the world in the next 6 to 12 months to come. And thus ours.
This does not mean that I intend to join any alliance, but it will mean that I WILL CONSIDER joining a worthy alliance that will benefit both us and our coalition partners. And even if we cannot join an alliance, cooperation with a strong alliance or a strong regional powerhouse also can strongly help us. However, all this depends on how things will turn out, and in the same way it can be that we decide to keep ourselves on the path of neutrality.


[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: MilitaryNerd
I'd bring my laptop with me to a war too ...

0) Continue the Growth of our Armed Forces
0) Using them!
0) Cooperating with Potential Allies

Our Armed Forces have not done bad against the Polish Juggernaut. But it remains something to be taken care off. Our military has grown a lot and soon I will think the time is ripe to make use of it. Even as a small force doing minor damage, our army can help out the countries who we consider allies. And there are enough countries that I’d consider friendly or ally. Irish forces have helped us in the struggle against Warsaw, France has shown more than once their friendship and our relationship with Holland may be a love-hate one, they were among the first to attempt helping us in many ways during the invasion of Wallonia. Also working within a (potential, see Foreign Affairs) alliance gives battle oportunities for our army.
Sending out the army has also become easier. With the possibility to keep your job, party affiliation and even congress statute, our army should be able to be far more mobile than in the past. It is up to us to make use of it. The army is one of the ways to bring joy for us to this game. Let's use it.

Communication and Transparency

[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Communicate
I even looked this up!

0) Ingame Articles as Often as Possible
0) Congress Forum for Delicate Things
0) IRC: Live Update

All this I conclude with two words: Transparency and Communication. Transparency is a difficult thing. I don’t think that every word that I share with my ministers about the latest results of Standard-Anderlecht should be shared with congress. However, both congress and the population should know what we are doing. I’ll try to walk the thin line between it graciously. So I tell you this: I will attempt to bring on a two to three daily base an article concerning the government latest achievements. The public has the right to know what I do and what I have done. This I will attempt in the 3 national languages as well. I almost got an operational translating team ready, only one more french translator is required.
The Congress Private Forum on the other side is the ideal spot to give delicate information. Note that word: delicate. It remains often a problem that delicate information got leaked somehow through the quick chitchat of Congress. That’s why I propose that each party will assign one of their most trustworthy and active members to join the closed commission. This would be a commission with which I will share 95% of what I know as president. It would mostly be focused on foreign sensitive policy and on military matters. Things like the battleplans for the Polish conflict could be posted there. Ofcourse again, this is a trust-trust thingie: no leaks can be allowed from this forum. Nothing leaves it, or I won’t feel compelled to share things there. The only reason why I do this is to allow atleast a part of congress to do their checks and balances while being able to work freely around.
IRC in the end will be the live update. I will attempt to be there as often as possible and when I’m there, citizens can ask me any question about anything. The answer is not guaranteed, for I’ll become a busy man, but if possible, I will give a quick answer as soon as possible.

[Public politics]Sammy goes for president: Ballot-box_bwbw10491
Another Box with a hole in it

I have now given in this article and the previous ones my vision and goals for Belgium. The things in here vary from realistic practical things to grans ideas and concepts, and from one-time activities to constant work that me and my cabinet will do. That cabinet is btw almost ready to go and rumble. And I ask you this thing:

What has my opponent said so far of what he'd do?

Only that he'd make an oversized cabinet with more then 22 ministers and vice-ministers (I refer to his article about this). That he wants a "unified belgian government" (but last government also had representatives from all parties, just like mine now will have). And that he wants to end the rule of what he call, "a small elite ruling from an ivory tower" (although it was his party member Theneka that was president of Belgium during September, and that, once more, since that government his party members have assisted in upholding then this so called Ivory Tower by cooperating in every government since then. Is there a real ivory tower?).

Do not fall for hollow slogans. I brought forth a program with everything, from practical straight forward solutions to grand schemes, from one time operations to a day-to-day task. Vote for a loyal and dedicated man, vote Sammy Tanghe for the first president of Belgium of 2011!

Sincerely yours,


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Sammy Tanghe
Sammy Tanghe
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Post by frostie on 2011-01-04, 17:10

Very good program
especially like the small and closed commission with party representatives for very volatile en sometimes sensitive data. The way it should be in my eyes
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