Congress Regulation Act

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Congress Regulation Act

Post by tommot on 2014-11-19, 19:12

Congress Regulation Act

Part 1: Voting Math.
Pieter557 wrote:

Votes may be Yes, No, or Abstain.
Abstain votes are not counted when calculating whether a simple majority (one more yes vote than no vote) or supermajority (one more yes vote than 2/3 of all yes/no votes) is present.

The current CP may vote on proposals.

As voted in
Debate thread:

Part 2: Chairman of Congress regulation.
ThomasRED wrote:
1. Eligibility
A) Candidates for the position of Chairman of Congress cannot hold the government position of Country President, Vice President or Minister or a similar position of that level. State Secretaries are eligible for this position.
B) Candidates must have eBelgian citizenship.

2. Election
A) Starting on the 26th of each month, no sooner than 00:00:00 eRT and no later than 12:00:00 eRT, the Chairman of Congress will open a topic that will stay open for 24 hours where every Congressman can place his candidacy for Chairman. If this is not posted within this time, anyone may post it in his stead.
B) If there is no candidate for Chairman of Congress after 24h, the deadline will be extended 24 hours. Each citizen of eBelgium (Congress or non Congress) may apply for the job. Subsequent failure to find a suitable candidate will lead to a further extension of the deadline by 24h.
C) If, after this extension, there is still no candidate for Chairman of Congress, the outgoing Chairman's mandate will be extended by another month until the next Congress Election.
D) If, after a candidacy period (normal period or any following extension), there are one or more candidates, the outgoing Chairman of Congress, or the CP if the Chairman is not a Congress member, will start a voting round in the Congress Voting section. This voting round will last for 24 hours.
E) If there are multiple candidates, the voting will consist of the names of the candidates, and “None of these”. The candidate who has the most votes will be the newly elected Chairman of Congress. If there is a tie, the decision will be based on in-game experience points of the candidates at the moment the election poll for chairman closes.
F) If there is only one candidate, the voting choices will be “Yes”, “No” and “Abstain”. If there is only one candidate and he is not accepted by Congress, another round to candidate for Chairman will start for 24 hours.

3. Rights & Obligations

A) After his election Chairman of Congress has the right to propose a Deputy Chairman of Congress. This Deputy Chairman has to meet the same eligibility criteria as the Chairman of Congress.
B) The Chairman of Congress will close each vote when the voting time expires, declare the results, and when passed will post the law in the correct forum. The SC can overrule this decision.
C) The Chairman of Congress will have moderator powers in the Congress area of the forum and will share responsibility with the global moderators for forum decorum in that area, including but not limited to keeping debates on topic and having topics split when necessary, but the right to give warnings will be reserved to the global moderation team.
D) The Chairman of Congress will publish several articles in-game with to inform our citizens about congress programs and news regularly.
E) The mandate of the Chairman of Congress, including the attached rights, powers and obligations, will continue until either a new Chairman has been chosen, he has resigned or he is removed from office.
F) The Chairman of Congress will be responsible for contacting congress members, informing them about procedures and masking the congress members that have signed in.
G) Congress has the right to overrule a decision that was made by the Chairman of Congress by a majority vote.

4. Removal & Resignation

A) Chairman of Congress can resign from office or be removed from office by a special majority vote.
B) If the Chairman of Congress is inactive for 5 days (not logging into the forum) without prior notice of his absence, Congress can start a vote for his removal that will only need a simple majority
C) If the Chairman of Congress becomes Country President or accepts a position as Minister in the cabinet or is for any other reason not anymore eligible, he will automatically resign his position as Chairman of Congress.
D) If the Chairman of Congress resigns or is removed from office the Deputy Chairman will take over his duties. If no Deputy Chairman was chosen, the most senior member of Congress in number of terms in eBe congress, or if there is a tie, the one with more experience points, will have the option to complete the term or to start a new election process.
Vote passed the 24/02/2012.

List of elected CoC's:
February-March 2012 CoC: Jonathan Clay
March-April 2012 CoC: NLSP
April-May 2012 CoC: NLSP
May-June 2012 CoC: Padwan
June-July 2012 CoC: MCKitkat
July-August 2012 CoC: Jofroi
No candidates, so the Congressmember with the most medals took over.
August-September 2012 CoC: BrunoCND
September-November 2012 CoC: Jofroi
No candidates, so the Congressmember with the most medals took over.
November (2012) - September(2013) CoC: Stijn Puttemans
September-October-November-December-January 2013 CoC: MCKitkat
January-February-March 2014 CoC: Boklevski
March-April 2014 CoC: JdlF
April-May 2014 CoC: MCKitkat
May-June 2014 CoC: The Valeyard
June July 2014 CoC: Lorgroth
July-July 2014 CoC: MCKitkat
July-August 2014 CoC: MCKitkat
August-September 2014 CoC: alexandros
September-October-November-December 2014 CoC: tommot
Country was wiped during October-November, current CoC filled this gap.
January - February 2015: MCKitkat
February - March 2015: MCKitkat
March - April 2015: MCKitkat
April - May 2015: MCKitkat
May - October 2015: Fhaemita Malodorous
October - November 2015: tommot
November - December 2015: tommot
December 2015 - January 2016: tommot
January - February 2016: tommot
25 February - 1 August 2016: tommot
Serving as acting CoC due to the extreme lack of action from congress during this period.
August - September 2016: Gyantse

Part 3: About Security Council.
NLSP wrote:Passed on Feb 28, 2014 in

The Security Council (SeCo) is an entity tasked with making legislation during emergency situations where time is of the essence. When voting times need to be expedited, the SeCo will convene to hasten the processing, allowing for swift action as the situation requires.

Membership of the Security Council is determined after the Congress Elections. Members should be selected based on their activity and their capability to take a decision with only the nation's interests in mind.
*) The latest 72 hours after the results are made public, Each party that has elected members of Congress must appoint a SeCo member no later than 72 hours after the election results are made public, i.e., no later than 3 p.m. CET on the 29th of the month. If the deadline has passed, no further appointments will be accepted.
*) In case there were no Members of Congress elected in eBe, SeCo-membership is differently determined. No later than 72 hours after the (world-wide) Congress elections results are made public (3 p.m. CET on the 29th of the month), the 5 parties with the highest number of members (measured at the time of publication of the election results) each must appoint an eBelgian citizen as a member of the Security Council. If the deadline has passed, no further appointments will be accepted.

All appointments to the SeCo must be posted in the Congress section of the national forum, by either the Party President or another party representative.
A party may change the appointed SeCo member only if the originally appointed member changes parties or is removed from the SeCO. The party may choose not to appoint a new member.
In addition to the members selected by political parties, the Country President is also a SeCo-member.

A SeCo member may be removed after a successful SeCo vote or when the SeCo member no longer holds eBe citizenship.

The SeCo will vote only on proposals that are deemed time sensitive by the Country President.
Only the President can call for a proposal to be passed with the SeCo procedure.
Once the majority of the SeCo members has agreed on a proposal, it will become law.

The full Congressional body reserves the right to hold a vote to repeal any legislation enacted by the SeCo with a simple majority vote.

Previous law

Passed on Apr 5 2011 in
Revised on Nov 12 2011 in
Revised may 2012

Security Council
The Security Council (SeCo) will be an entity tasked with providing legitimacy and validity to legislation during emergency situations where time is of the essence. When voting times need to be expedited, the SeCo will convene and hurry the process to allow for swift action as it presents itself.

The SeCo will consist of representatives of political parties that have sitting Members of Congress. Each party will develop their own guidelines for choosing their representative (who must be a Member of Congress), either by direct appointment by the PP, or through a party vote. Each party must make their representative public knowledge no later than the third day following Congressional elections. Those eligible parties that do not submit their representative to the Council by the specified time, will default to having the PP as a representative of the SC, unless the PP is not a member of Congress, in which case the party's CM with most votes in the CM election is appointed member of SeCo.

If, because of occupation, eBelgium does not have a congress, the top five political parties will be able to seat representatives on the Security Council, regardless of CMs.

The SeCo will vote on measures that are deemed time sensitive by the President. Only the President can call for a proposal to be passed with the SeCo procedure. Once a majority of the representatives have agreed on the proposal, it will be valid and legitimate.

Representatives will be tasked with keeping the nation's interests in mind when committing to a SeCo vote. They should be selected based on their activity level in order to aid the process of expedited decision-making.

The SeCo can through a majority vote of the SeCO remove one of the members of the SeCO.

The full Congressional body reserves the right to hold a vote to repeal any legislation enacted by the SeCo with a simple majority vote.

A simple majority vote by Congress is required to amend, suspend, or repeal this Act.


(room for extra notes)
* CoC regulation updated as voted in here:

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