DOF, how does it work?

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DOF, how does it work?

Post by tecuvo on 2012-05-29, 13:55

DOF is the abbreviation of "daily ordered fighting". But instead of daily, DOF will be organised twice a week.

DOF is a moment where we go all on IRC and fight together in a random battle. Those battles will be RW's of our friends/allies most of the time.

It's important to save up as many foodfights as possible, so you can do more hits during the DOF.

The place to be: #BNA on irc.
If you never used irc before, use this link: #eBrussels
after that you type "/join #BNA proudsoldier" (not the brackets)

The link itself is a link to the channel #eBrussels, which is the channel where all belgian players come too and also some foreigners that love our community Smile

For those who are familiar with irc, channel is #BNA, password is proudsoldier

Once your at the BNA channel, you will find a link to eGov in the topic.
Go to this link (copy - paste it if it doesn't work), and click "join minibattle" on the right side of the page.
After that, you click on the battle link in the topic on the BNA channel. For example:

Make sure you fight for the correct side.
When you did all your hits and used all your energy, go to the same eGov link again, and click "finish minibattle".

The commander/supplier will use the stats recorded by eGov, to send you the guns you used.
Division 3 & 4 soldiers: you'll get Q7 guns if you used Q7 guns.
Division 2 soldiers: You'll get Q6 guns, not Q7 guns.

From time to time there will be double supplies for DOF participants, or an additional food delivery.
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